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Trina, Project Manager

As project manager for the exhibition, Trina filled many roles included overseeing the completion of the overall project, delegating tasks to be completed by her fellow classmates, making sure the project remained on track, and editing, testing, and assisting the set up of the exhibit.

Exhibition team photo
Ian, Veronica (Team Leader) & Emily, Exhibition Team

Veronica’s many roles included setting a timeline for the different tasks in the exhibit, coordinating with the history department, gathering materials and ensuring the exhibit was assembled smoothly and importantly, on time for the launch date.
Ian’s role was to assemble the “About Us” card for the exhibit that introduced our course and our partners. He helped build and assemble our exhibit.

Emily decided which historical objects would be included in our exhibit. She wrote captivating descriptions for each object, including descriptions of folio ARC 1 and ARC 12.

Website team photograph
Matt, Kate (Team Leader), Callum & Nick, Website Team

Kate created this website and wrote up the design brief which enabled stylistic and content cohesion between the website and exhibition team. She complied and transcribed the folia and put her digital humanities skills into practice by turning these physical items into digital reality.
Matt used his dynamic camera skills to record interviews for the website. He recorded Shamus Mccoy reading the Latin transcriptions of our folia. This project taught him how to transcribe 14th century musical notation into modern musical notation using Volpiano.

Callum designed the project website and coded it to ensure it fit the exhibition team’s specifications. He tried to incorporate Mirador and IIIF, but resolved to use WordPress plugins instead.
Nick wrote descriptions and metadata for the folia on the website. He attempted to map the project and provenance earlier on, but found that it was too difficult to find reliable information about the fragments.

photograph of the publicity team
Lynsay & Paige, Publicity Team

Lynsay worked on posting photos and information to the project’s social media sites to inform the public about the exhibition. Lynsay admits she found dedicating time to the project every week difficult, as it was easy to let the little tasks slip by.

Paige worked on making posters, posting to Instagram and gathering information on how to improve the overall reach of our social media. Paige learned that there is much more to planning an exhibit than simple just collecting the items!