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RAR PA 3823 A23 1595

: reconstituted from a prior manuscript, cover of a printed copy of Demosthenes
Likely half of a folio – positioned upside down to inside text, with…

Contributors: Elliott Bonyun

CUAG 12a-b

Contributors: Matthew Okum

CUAG 11a-b

CUAG 10a-b

CUAG 9a-b

CUAG 8a-b

-Page Size: Width is 16cm, length is 15.5 cm.
-Writing Size is 5 mm.
-There are 14 lines to this manuscript.
-The text box width is 5.4 cm while…

Contributors: Veronica Berry

CUAG 7a-b

Contributors: Lynsay O'Hara

CUAG 6a-b

CUAG 5a-b

Contributors: Jessica Huang

CUAG 4a-b

Contributors: Trina Etmanskie