RAR PA 3823 A23 1595

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RAR PA 3823 A23 1595


Book, manuscript, cover, printed, recovery, medieval


: reconstituted from a prior manuscript, cover of a printed copy of Demosthenes
Likely half of a folio – positioned upside down to inside text, with noticeable gap at the ‘bottom’ of text, ‘top’ of manuscript; gap is 3.7 cms
9 ½ inches/24 cm around the spine; each cover side is 6.25 inches/16 cm by 4 inches/10.05 cm; spine is 3.5 cm/1.45 inch by 6.5 in/16 cm
Brown, red and blue ink used; some blue letters are superimposed over the text, indicating possible later addition. Red ink on the other hand is integrated into the text.
The cover is thick and feels leathery/heavy – the manuscript appears to be folded over at the sides, and glued onto something inside. Additional folded pieces run half a centimeter all around the inside cover.
ASSUMING THAT: the manuscript was cut in half – the original was likely 13 or so inches tall, 32 cm.
There are leather straps on both sides, threaded through holes punctured into the manuscript. On the front cover, one is missing, leaving a 4 mm hole. On the back side both are intact. Front side strap is 3 inches, 7 and a half cm. Top back cover strap is 2 inches, 4 and a half cm. Bottom is 2 and a half inches, 6 and a half cm. Clearly the two back straps have been damaged.


Ottawa, Carleton University, Carleton University Archives and Research Collections, RAR PA 3823 A23 1595


Elliott Bonyun


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Book cover/manuscript

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Oct. 18th 2018

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