Calendar for the Month of December

A calendar page for the month of December
Verso, Recto

This liturgical calendar offers a glimpse into the temporal organization of ecclesiastical life. This folio is a calendar page for the month of December highlights the 'Saints' Days' and celebrations of Christ. The most important celebrations are rubricated.

While we present you here with an accurate digital scan for study, the exquisite gold, blue & white decorations on the left-side recto catch the light in such a magnificent brilliance that it must be experienced in person. Like many of our exhibit’s folia, the medieval scribes who created them imbued them with such splendor that their artistic value cannot be understated today.

Written in Gothic script, this Latin folio comes from a Book of Hours. The seller’s note identifies it as Dutch in origin and places it circa 1450. (Northern Europe was a large producer of lay devotional texts in the late medieval period)


Audio for this transcription is currently unavailable.

December habet dies
XXXI. luna. XXX.
Eligii episcopi

Barbare u[ir]ginis
Nycholai ep[iscop]i
Oct[aua] S[an]c[t[i Andree Dominica
Conceptio b[eat]e marie

Damasti pape

Idus Lucie u[ir]ginis
Nicasius Nichasii ep[iscop]i

  • Title: "Calendar for the Month of December"
  • Subject: Saints' Days & Celebrations for the month of December
  • Size: 165 mm x 118 mm
  • Quality: Good quality parchment
  • Binding: Pricking visible along right-hand margin of verso
  • Ruling: c. 13-19 lines.
  • Illuminations: Border & initials
  • Date: circa 14th-15th century
  • Location: Dutch
  • Language: Latin
  • Script: Gothic script
  • Archive: Carleton University Art Gallery Collection
  • Reference Number: CUAG 1995.62.1 | Add.10000 fol. 1