Book Of Hours: Lessons from Job

Recto, Verso

Taken from another manuscript of a Book of Hours, in the Office of the Dead, this particular folio includes lessons for Matins, from the Book of Job (in particular his 8th lesson).


The script is relatively uniform Gothic, with a variety of punctuation & numerals used throughout to indicate distinctive sections. While not as prominent as the other exhibit pieces, examples of marginalia in this folio is that which is extending out of the letter P, on the bottom of the verso. The decorative letter presents an intricate floral design of blue and gold colours, with a single striking green leaf.


There are few markings indicating previous ownership or origin, barring the tape damage from handling and/or display at one point in its past. The original seller had purchased it in Lyons, and identified it as being "unmistakably French in origin", likely in the 13th-14th century. The deep black ink, along with the fine translucent nature of the parchment, hints at a higher quality work that was unfortunately not well cared for, yet survives to be enjoyed & studied by future Carleton University generations.



  1. nelris stravi lectulum meum
  2. put[e]dini dixi. Pater meus-
  3. -es et mater mea et soror mea-
  4. -vermib[us]. Deus ubiquitous et ergo nunc pr[a]e-
  5. -solatio mea. et paciencia mea:
  6. tu es domine deus meus. R[esponse]
  7. peccante me cotidie et non pen-
  8. tente timor mortis conturbat me.
  9. quia inferno nulla est redemptio
  10. miserere mei deus et salua me. V[erso]
  11. deus in nomine tuo salvum me facd[omin]e
  12. et in virtue tua libera me. quia 
  13. pelli mea consumptis rar
  14. nibus adhesit os meu


  1. et derelicta sunt tantimodo la 
  2. lea mea circa tentes meos. Mi
  3. Leveunini mei misereremini mei:
  4. saltem dos amici mei: quia ma 
  5. mus domini tetgit me. Quare
  6. persequmini me sicut deus et.
  7. carirbus meis satura. Quia
  8. mihi tribuat et saturmin: quis
  9. mines mei. Quis michi det 
  10. ut exarentu libro stallo ferreo
  11. aut pl[um]bi lamina vel relte scul
  12. pantur in sclice. scio enum q[uod]
  13. redemptio meus vivet et in no
  14. vissimo die de terra surrecturus
  • Title: "Book of Hours: Lessons from Job"
  • Subject: Matins, Book of Job, Holy Offices, Office of the Dead
  • Size: 125 mm x 60 mm
  • Quality: Very thin, stiff parchment; Both sides uniform in colour --almost translucent in appearance; Damage on sides from previous taping (recto)
  • Binding: Inside edge appears to have been trimmed from the binding area
  • Ruling: Recto text 70 mm x 90 mm; Verso text 65 mm x 90 mm; 12 lines of thinner text, 6 lines of bolded text (recto), 14 lines of bolded text (verso); Some faint evidence of line tracing.
  • Illuminations: A single decorative letter, a capital 'P', starting off the 8th lesson of Job, occupies the space of two lines; the only example of marginalia is extending out of the decorative P. The marginalia and the decorative letter consist of blue, gold and a single green leaf.
  • Date: 14th century
  • Location: possibly France, purchased in Lyon
  • Language: Latin
  • Script: Gothic script
  • Archive: Carleton University Art Gallery Collection
  • Reference Number: CUAG 1995.62.3 | Add. 10000 fol. 3