Fragment of an Antiphon

Recto, Verso

No doubt the largest of our exhibit folio, this nearly metre-long parchment uses a Humanistic Book Hand (script), likely Italian in origin, featuring a fragment of an antiphon we unfortunately could not identify. We nonetheless present it here for your enjoyment since the clever use of shadows & shading within the illuminated initials creates a sense of depth and perspective not found in any of our other exhibit folios.


Subtle tones of red, yellow, blue and white, along with large font lettering make this one of our most legible folios, but also our most elusive! Can you identify this (fragment) of an Antiphon?



  1. populi deus: con:
  2. -fiteantur tibi popu-
  3. -li omnes. L(a)ete(n)tur
  4. et exultent ge(n)tes:
  5. quoniam iuducas
  6. p(o)p(u)los in (a)equitate
  7. et gentes in terra
  8. dirgis. [C]onfite-
  9. antur tibi populi
  10. deus. c(on)fiteanutr
  11. tibi populi omnes


  1. terra dedit fructu(m)
  2. suu(m) benedicat
  3. nos dues deus n(oste)r
  4. Benedicat nos de-
  5. -us: et meta(n)t eu(m)
  6. omnes fines t(erra)e. An(tiphon)
  7. Deus deus meus ad te
  8. de luce vigilo. A(ntiphon) Conver-
  9. -sus est. Canticu(m) isaici.
  10. [C]Onfitetors
  11. tibi domine
  • Title: "Fragment of an Antiphon"
  • Subject:
  • Size: 850 mm x 570 mm
  • Quality: Good quality parchment
  • Binding: Evidence of trimmed edges
  • Ruling: 11 lines of text (67 mm – 70 mm); Single column (750 mm x 460 mm); Ruled in ink, double ruling on margins. Baseline and descender line ruled in lead.
  • Illuminations: Large decorated initial 'C' (150 mm x 145 mm, 10 mm border); Medium decorated initials 'B”, 'L' and 'C' (70-2 mm x 82-4 mm)
  • Date: circa 15th century
  • Location: possibly Italy
  • Language: Latin
  • Script: Humanistic Book hand
  • Archive: Carleton University Art Gallery collections
  • Reference Number: CUAG 1996.62.9 | Add. 10300